Happy Valentine Day 2016 Wallpapers

happy valentine day 2016 wallpapers

happy valentine day 2016 wallpapers

happy valentine day 2016 wallpapers

happy valentine day 2016 wallpapers

happy valentine day 2016 wallpapers

happy valentine day 2016 wallpapers

happy valentine day 2016 wallpapers

happy valentine day 2016 wallpapers

happy valentine day 2016 wallpapers

happy valentine day 2016 wallpapers

happy valentine day 2016 wallpapers

happy valentine day 2016 wallpapers

happy valentine day 2016 wallpapers

happy valentine day 2016 wallpapers

happy valentine day 2016 wallpapers

happy valentine day 2016 wallpapers

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Valentines Day 2016 Shayari in Hindi

Khud Ko Khud Ki Khabar Na Lage, Koi Achha B Is Kadar Na Lage, Aap Ko Dekha Hai Bas Us Nazar Se, Jis Nazar Se Aap Ko Nazar Na Lage...... Happy Valentine day 2016

Dard hi sahi mere ishq ka inaam to aaya khali hi sahi haathon me jaam to aaya main hoon bewafa sabko bataya usne yun hi sahi uske labon pe mera naam to aaya...

Ikraar mein shabdon ki ehmiyat nahi hoti, Dil ke jazbaat ki awaaz nahi hoti, Aankhen bayaan kar deti hain dil ki daastan, Mohabbat lafzon ki mohtaj nahi hoti!

Phool bankar muskarana zindagi,Muskarake gum bhulana zindagi,Jeet kar koi khush ho to kya hua,Haar kar khushiya manana bhi zindagi Happy Valentine Day

Pani main pathar mat pheko Koi pani pita hai Pani main pathar mat pheko Koi pani pita hai Apne chehre par muskuhart sajaye rakha karo Koi isi muskan ke liye jita hai..Happy Valentines day..

Aankhon me rahne walo ko yaad nahi karte,Dil me rehne walo ki baat nahi karte,Hamari to ruh me bus gaye hain aap,Tabhi to hum milne ki fariyaad nahi karte..I love you dear!

Dunia janne se pahle jana hai apko, 100 karod ki aabaadi me pehchana hai apko, Dunia mere Mohabbat ko jo bhi naam de, maine khuda se badkar mana hai apko...... Happy Valentines Day

Dil me Dhadkan or Ankhon Me Ansu Thum Jate Hai, Jab Kabhi Hum Apke Is Asiyane Me Atey Hai, Thaam To Lete Hai Palko Ki Kapkapahat Do Ghadi, Par In Ansuo Ka Kya Kare Jo Pal Me Bikhar Jate hai....... Happy Valentines Day

Jaab khamoos akhoo se baat hoti hai ese he muhabbat ki suruwaat hoti hai tumhare khyalo me khoye rahte hai pata nahi kaab Din or raat hoti hai...

Dil Humara Chocolate Ki Tarah Najuk,Tum Usme Dry Fruits Ka Tadka,Life Hogi Fruit And Nut Jaisi,Agar Mill Jaye Girlfriend Tere Jaisi Happy valentine day sweet heart!

Humse door jayoge kaise, Dil se hume bhulaoge kaise, Hum to vo khushboo hai jo aapki saanso mein baste hain, Khud ki saanso ko rok paoge kaise Happy Valentine Day

Asin lakhan zakham share ni,,, ik pyar tere de mare ni,,, oh ambhari vekhde taare ni,,, kine hanju bhaye khare ni,,,, dil zakhmi hoya tan galti avdi krke,,, jihnu kiti mahobbat bs ohna de han maare ni

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How to know that your girlfriend loves you!

It is not an easy job to know whether a woman likes you. Women are by nature, nurturers. It is natural for them to lavish affection and care. So if a woman you like pampers you like a baby, don't take it for granted that she is in love with you. However, if she goes out of her way to make you feel special, then there may be chances that she really likes you. A woman gives strong yet subtle signs that she loves you. Read on further for ways to find if a girl likes you. You will find a definite answer to the question of how to know if she loves you.
Ways To Tell A Girl Likes You
*Whenever you compliment her, her cheeks turn pink. If she blushes when you are around, it means she is smitten by you.
*She shows public display of affection. Women are not always comfortable with showing affection in public. But if she runs her fingers through your locks, or strokes your cheek, take notice.
*The way she looks at you with those dreamy eyes, is a dead give away that she likes you. Check out her body language when you sit with her. If she sits with cross legs facing you, it means she is interested in you. Also, if she touches your shoulders or rests her palm on yours, it is a sign that she likes you.
*When going out with you, she takes extra care to look good. She adds sensuality to her whole outfit combined with simplicity and elegance.
*The way she smiles and laughs at your jokes is a sign that she likes you. She pays extra attention to you and takes interest in the activities you do, it means she definitely has a soft corner for you.
*While talking to her friends and family, if she brags about you, know for sure that you are definitely someone special for her.
*If she talks to you for long hours and avoids calls from her friends during the time of conversation, know for sure that you are being given more importance than others, which is a direct road to being loved.
*If she always encourages you to go forward with your plans and chips in good advice for you to move ahead in personal and professional life, she is definitely an ideal lover.
*If she wants to spend some extra time with you and help you in all ways possible, it means she is in love with you.
*The willingness to sacrifice is a clear cut answer to know if she loves you or not. She would go that extra mile to make you happy, even if that means sacrificing her hobby.
*Although the feeling of jealousy is not good, sometimes healthy jealousy gives hint that the other person is afraid of losing you and has feelings for you.
*Worrying about your safety and whereabouts is one thing through which women often show their love and care. If your girl feels in the same way, know for sure you are her special one.
*During a conversation with you, if she blinks her eye, know that the girl in question is trying to give you hints.

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Best Ways to Impress a Girl

Best Ways to impress a Girl

Indeed as we all know that first chats are much like the first dates, and we have only few chances to impress her on the very first chat. As many say, “First Impression is The Best Impression”. Thus it’s much important to chat or say something like to make a way in first time and most feel that you are annoying her for the very first time when making the first conversation. So, how to impress a girl on chat!? Don’t worry; here I have given some proven techniques that really work on first chats.
1) Choose Interesting Topics To Chat
After accomplishing the hardest part to approaching her, now it’s time to begin chatting on some interesting topics. Attempt starting with few points like, Where do you study? Which is your favorite food? And something more like that. Use these kinds of small talks the see how she melts like an ice. Below are some examples of the interesting topics to chat with her: Do you like to shop?
Favorite movie star?
Are you a computer geek? (one of my favorites)
Favorite things to do alone?
Ever had a one night stand? 
2) Be Confident
Most of us have heard this thing that “Be confident” and trust me it really works. Before starting chat with a girl, it’s important to set your attitude with some confident. You have to wear an attitude that would win. As per the survey conducted by tech3, most girls love the guys who are ambitious and inspiring and this kind of attitude will help you better to impress a girl on chat. Usually girls like the boys with confident and who were open to speak and do try to speak genuinely (especially with girls), then see the wonder how girls are attracted to you just like a magnet.
3) Let Her To Talk About Herself
If you have the opportunity to talk with her don’t try to talk about someone else or something that is unnecessary, ask her about her, girls just love to talk about themselves so ask questions rather than saying about yourself all the time. Try to keep the talk about your feelings and the stuff that could impress her like hobbies and lot more things in short about your passion. Your passion is the only thing that could help you in creating a spark about you in her mind. Try to tell her everything about you like, ‘Your favorite food’, ‘What you love’, etc and lot more stuff that make her to think about you and make feel that you’re the perfect partner for her. Do whatever you can but don’t make the conversation boring.
4) Be Patient
After a long chat session it’s time to be patient. Let her to miss you for a while, but not too much. Then after sometime, start a natural conversation and don’t make much preparation on what to talk with her. So be patient and go with the flow.
5) Be Unique
Being unique can really help you out in impressing girls. After spending much time on chatting with her you could now guess that she likes to chat with you or not…If yes! Then it’s the time to go to the next level. Girls are always round-eyed and full of dreams on his guy. Try to make some romantic talks. Do something that your love, care, trust and affection attracts her to get closer to you. Trust me this surely will work out well. Be unique and patient, you will find your perfect soul mate.
6) Sense of Humor
Everyone loves a good laugh and most girls are attracted to guys with a great sense of humor. If you’re thinking on how to impress girls, always keep in mind that a great sense of humor is the basics of any relationship. Girls would groove on the fact that you have the ability of being cheerful and being able to laugh at yourself. Drink in the art of throwing in humor even during the hardest situations; this will change the way how girls look at you.
7) Be Honest
Last but not least, be honest. Never lie about your appearance, what you have come through or where you live. Girls are not into trivial things, such as money or appearance. Rather, they are very much moved by the honesty and genuineness that appears to get down the chat window through your words.
These are the 7 simple and killer tactics on ‘how to impress a girl on chat’. Also, we’ve presented some cheesy lines that girls really love to hear:
1. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by just again?
2. Did it hurt when you fell out of heaven?
3. There must be something wrong with my eyes. I can’t take them off from you.
4. I miss my teddy bear. Would you sleep with me?
5. Apart from being beautiful, what do you do for a living?
6. Is it hot in here, or is it just you?
7. Hi, I just wanted to give you the satisfaction of turning me down; go ahead, say no.
8. I seem to have lost my phone number, can I have yours instead?

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Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Him, Valentine Day 2016, Gift Ideas 2016

Valentine Day is just a few days away and you haven't bought anything yet for your handsome guy? Very Bad you girl.. Well, your hug or a kiss is more worth than a gift to your boy but still if you give him a memorable gift than it would be something. So, are you confused between what you should get for your bf? Okay! We're here to help you.

Valentine Day Gift Ideas for him

A Shirt or T-Shirt

valentine gift ideas for him
If you know the size of your man's Shirt or T-Shirt than you can gift him a shirt/t-shirt of your choice! Also, there are some shops and online merchants who can print anything of your choice on a t-shirt! So, if you have something in your mind, any quote, any lovely thing than get it printed on a T-Shirt and give him? This could be a great idea what you say?

A Game Disc

valentine gift ideas for him 2016

Boys love the games! If your boy ever mentioned about the game he wants to purchase than you can go get a disc of that game for your cutie cutie.


You know how bad he smells when you hug him, still you have to bear the bad smell because he's your lover! Just Kidding!!!!!! Well, gifting a good perfume is also a good idea! But remember to gift a man perfume only! haha..


valentine gift ideas for him

Every guy has crazy of wearing some stylish goggles! Just find a good goggles which matches with your handsome hunk's face.

A pair of Shoes

valentine gift ideas for him 2016
Get him a pair of good shoes? They're available in variety and different colors! Just get a fantastic pair for him.

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Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Her, Valentine Day 2016, Latest Ideas

Planning to gift her something unique? But have no idea what would be best gift for her this Valentine Day? Okay Just don't worry we're here to help you & suggest you some good things which could be her valentine gift this year.

A Beautiful Dress

valentine day gift ideas

Girls just love new dresses! Everyone knows it and gifting her a dress would work really great! You might have heard her talking about some dress she saw in that mall or the dress she always adore. Just gift her that or something of your own choice?

A Cute Little Pet

valentine day gift ideas

If she is animal/pet lover than bring a little cute guy for her? Maybe a Hamster, a mice, a puppy or a Kitty?

A Bucket full of Chocolates

valentine day gift ideas

Every girl loves yummy chocolates too! You can gift her a bucket decorated and having some yummy chocolates inside!

Love Lock

valentine day gift ideas

Write your and your girls name on a love lock and lock it over a bridge where every cute couple is locking their love locks? Or If there is no bridge like that in your town or country, than you can purchase a gig from fiver! There are many people locking love locks for others and also they send you pictures, videos of it and also they can send you a key! It all might cost only $20.


valentine day gift ideas 2016

A wide range of perfume with fantastic fragrance is available in the market and if you know her choice of perfume than you can gift her one this valentine day.

Other Girly Stuff

best valentine day gift ideas for her

Girly stuff! Well, only girls know how many of girly stuffs are available outside, but still we know something! For example bracelets, wrist watch, makeup kit and list goes on and on.. You can choose anything from a cosmetic or a girly shop.

We wish you very all the best for this valentines day.

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Valentines Day 2016 Quotes | Best Valentine Day Quotes of 2016

Wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day! Are you looking for some of Quotes to make your Facebook & Whatsapp status? Than you're at the right place. We've brought this amazing quotes only for you check them out.

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.
Charles M. Schulz

How did it happen that their lips came together? How does it happen that birds sing, that snow melts, that the rose unfolds, that the dawn whitens behind the stark shapes of trees on the quivering summit of the hill? A kiss, and all was said.
Victor Hugo

If you have only one smile in you give it to the people you love.
Maya Angelou

Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone - we find it with another.
Thomas Merton

The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along.

They invented hugs to let people know you love them without saying anything.
Bil Keane

We are most alive when we're in love.
John Updike

The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing.
Blaise Pascal

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.
Judy Garland

Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey.
Lord Byron

This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.

If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.
A. A. Milne

Romance is thinking about your significant other, when you are supposed to be thinking about something else.
Nicholas Sparks

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.
Emma Goldman

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Best Proposal Videos | Valentines Day Special

Some people are just confused on what they should do to propose their loved one? If you're the one and looking for some best ideas to propose your girl than we've picked this videos which will show you how you can propose your partner. Check them out.

We hope this videos will give you some ideas on how to propose your gf & we also wish you a very best of luck.

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Happy Valentine's Day 2016 | Wishes, Greetings, Messages, Whatsapp

Valentines Day 2016

Valentine's Day is celebrated every year on 14th of February. Valentine's Day is last day of Valentine Week. And this is the day everyone wants to celebrate with their lovers. In 2016, the day is coming on Sunday which is really great!

Here are some of Valentine's Day wishes, Greetings and romantic messages for your loved one's.

I still love you…” Valentine Day 2016 Love sms...

I still love you…” Valentine Day 2016 Love sms
Of all the things I’ve ever said,
Of all the tears I’ve ever shed,
Of all the things I did to you,
I want you to know that I still love you.

Of all the days we fought and cried,..

Of all the days we fought and cried,
Of all the days I wished I’d died,
Of all the things you did to pull me through,
I don’t believe it, but I still love you.

Be my valentine…

“Be my valentine…” love sms for him on valentine day,
Promise Day Sms for lover
Hug Day Sms for Husband/Wife
Kiss Day Sms for Pheoncy

Sugar is sweet but you are sweeter...

Sugar is sweet but you are sweeter
chocolate is so good but you are great…
to be a pal a friend or even a date
you are not just anybody you are somebody…
I want to be around
so come looking for me
when valentine comes to town.

“You’re always…”Love sms on Valentine Day....

“You’re always…”Love sms on Valentine Day
You’re always in my thoughts
You’re always in my dreams
And so a life without you would
Just tear away at the seams

It’s you that keeps me up all night....

It’s you that keeps me up all night
The one getting me through the day
And so it seems to me that there
Is only one thing left to say

I don’t know how to say it...

I don’t know how to say it
To make it sound so true
So I’ll say it how I feel it
I’m completely in love with you

Cute valentine day special love......

Cute valentine day special love sms for sweetheart
I’ve never imagined that there can be this day.
A day that love will find its way.
Out of my heart and into your soul.
These feelings I have are beyond my control.

All my life I have waited patiently......

All my life I have waited patiently.
For a goddess like you, so beautiful, so lovely.
Words can’t express the way I feel.
These feelings towards you are all for real.

You are the reason why I go on.....

You are the reason why I go on.
Eternity can’t separate this special bond.
This heart of mine is reserved for you.
Forever it is yours, this love is true.

I’ll be your first and you’ll be my last....

I’ll be your first and you’ll be my last.
My world, my everything, till my time has passed.
I will always love you until the end of time.

Wealth Isn’t Defined....

Wealth Isn’t Defined
By How Much Money You Have,
It’s Defined By The Love You
Give And Receive And In Those Terms
I’m A Millionaire’s Because Our Love Is Endless.

However Long You Live...

However Long You Live
I Want To Live A Year Less.
So There Is Not One Day
That I Have To Live Without You.
I Never Want To Feel That Pain
That Others Feel
Because You Are The Only One I Need.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

This Is The Day Where All Confess Their Love...

This Is The Day Where All Confess Their Love.
A Day Where You Tell That Special Someone
What They Mean To Them.
So Today I Will Confess To You.
How Much I Have Always Loved You.
Happy Valentines Day.

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue...

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue.
You Are My Dream That Came True.
We Are Lovers And Will Always Be.
Honestly, You Are The Only One I Will Ever See.
Happy Valentine’s Day To You My Love.
We Were Truly Blessed By The One Above.

We Began As Strangerssms4smile And Then Became Friends.

We Began As Strangerssms4smile And Then Became Friends.
We Started To Love Each Other
And Now I Want You To Know.
I Will Love You Forever.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

I Never Knew What Love Was Before You....

I Never Knew What Love Was Before You.
I Was In The Dark And You Were The Light
That Shined Its Way Into My Life
My Sweet. My Love.
I Want You To Know.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

Ever Since I First Laid Eyes On You....

Ever Since I First Laid Eyes On You.
It Was As If My Whole World Was Turned Upside Down.
Finally Today I Have The Courage To Say.
Will You Be My Valentine Today?

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Valentine Week 2016 Schedule | Valentine Week Calendar

Valentine Week is the most lovely, romantic week of year which is celebrated in the month of February. Are you ready to celebrate this week with your loved one's? Do you know the exact date of Valentine Week and the Valentine Week Calendar? No? Okay! We're here to help you.

Below is the list of Valentine Week

We wish you all the very best and a very romantic Valentine Week ahead.

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Happy Hug Day 2016 | Valentine Week, Wishes, Messages, Whatsapp

Hug Day 2016

Hug is very special gift to your lover. When you huge someone you just forget about the rest of the world for that moment. Hug makes you happy, hug is the best feeling of this World.

Hug day is on 7th Day of Valentine Week, it comes on 13th February 2016. We've got some of really nice wishes, greetings to send to your loved one's. Have a look :

Let Me Live And Die In Your Arms.....

Let Me Live And Die In Your Arms.
Just Like This, Let Me Continue To Love You.
Let Me Live And Die In Your Arms.
Happy Hug day!!!

Love Me....

Love Me
Hold Me
Kiss Me
Hug Me
In Your Arms I Feel So Great!!!

Do You Know?...

Do You Know?
There Is One Gift Which Can’t Be Given
Without Taking It Back…
That Is Why I Give You Hug
Which Can’t Be Giving Without Taking It Back.
Happy Hug Day!!

Never Wait Until Tomrrow...

Never Wait Until 2mrrow ToHug Someone You Could Hug 2day
Coz When You Give One You
Get One Right Back Your Way.
Happy Hug Day!

No Matter Where You Are....

No Matter Where You Are
I’ll Always Find My Way To -
Hug You Tight And Shower You With My Kisses!!!
Happy Hug Day!

A Hug Is Just A Hug.....

A Hug Is Just A Hug Till U Find The 1 U're Always Thinking Of. 

Gift For You My Sweet heart...

Gift For You My Sweet heart,
Little Warm
And Little Cozy..
Here Is The Gift..
My Sweet Hug To You!

1, 2 I Love You...

1 2,
I Love You,
3 4
Love Me More,
5 6
Give Me Kiss,
7 8
Don’t Be Late,
9 10
Hug Me Then

You Cant Wrap Love In A Box,...

You Cant Wrap Love In A Box,
But U Can Wrap A Person In A Hug.
A Hug Charms, Warms
And Makes Everyone Happy!!!
That Must Be Why God Gave Us Arms.
So Here Is A Hug 4 You.

No matter where you are.....

No matter where you are
I’ll always find my way to ?
Hug you tight and shower you with my kisses
I love only you!Wishing my dear a happy hug day.

What the heart gives away is never gone....

What the heart gives away is never gone,
but kept in the hearts of others,
from dusk to dawn.
Hug Day you from the core of my heart.

After An Emotional Hug,...

After An Emotional Hug,
Girl whispers to Boy: If You Hug Me once More Like that,
I will be yours forever.
Boy: Thanks

Happy Hug Day to my dear girlfriend....

( . . ) BEAR
( ‘ ” ‘ ) HUG!!
Happy Hug Day to my dear girlfriend..

TaLk to me wHen i’m boReD,...

TaLk to me wHen i’m boReD,
kiSS me wHen i’m saD,
hug me wHen i cRy,
caRe for me wHen i diE,
loVe me When i’m sTill Alive.
Happy hug dAY……

Sending you a hug to ease your stress....

Sending you a hug to ease your stress.
a kiss to make you smile and my heart to say,
I’m thinking of you. i miss you!!
Happy Hug day to u dear….

There is a warm hug where you are.....

There is a warm hug where you are A shoulder I can lean on Tenderness, Warmth, Smile, Happiness In short, where you are there is Everything I can dream of… Wishing my sweety a beautiful and joyful hug day…..

I hide my tears when I say your name,....

I hide my tears when I say your name, but the pain in my heart is still the same. Although I Smile and Seem Carefree, There is no one Who misses you more than ME!Happy Hugs Day dear.

I’m sending you this hug…

I’m sending you this hug…
A special hug for you
Happy Hug Day.

This hug will make you feel....

This hug will make you feel
Can you feel it?
Best wishes to you on this hug day.


Keep it going by passing
this hug on to your friends.
Enjoyable Hug Day.

Your arms were always open ....

Your arms were always open when I needed a hug.
ur heart understood when I needed a friend.
ur gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson.
ur strength and love has guided me & gave me wings.
Wishing you a happy hug day………

HUG Coupan...

HUG Coupan
Hugs are fat-free, sugar-free
And require no batteries.
Hugs reduce blood pressure
Body temperature, heart rate
And help relive pain and depression.
Redeem this coupon at your nearest
Participating human being.
~*~*~* Happy Hug Day *~*~*~

U Cant Wrap Love.....

U Cant Wrap Love
U cant wrap love in a box,
But u can wrap a person in a hug.
A hug charms, warms and makes everyone happy.
That must be why God gave us arms.
So here is a hug 4 u on this Hug Day.

Every Day Is Hug Day.....

Every Day Is Hug Day
I Hug you more today than I did yesterday, but not as much as I will tomorow.
Every day is Hug Day 4 us.

On This Hug Day....

On This Hug Day
I searched through books & leafed through cards; For words that wud convey, what I had in my heart on this Hug Day, but when I sat down to write, all I can write was....I Luv U

I Ask The Stars....

I Ask The Stars
Tonight I ask the stars above,
How I'll ever win your Hug Day,
What do I do,
What do I say,
To turn your angel eyes my way?

Happy Hug Day.....

Happy Hug Day
I luv u not only for what u r, but for what I am when I'm with u.
I luv u not only for what u have made of urself, but for what u r making of me. I luv u for the part of me that u bring out.
Happy Hug Day.

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Happy Kiss Day 2016 | Messages | Wishes | Whatsapp | Kiss Day 2016 Greetings

Kiss Day 2016

Kiss... Whenever a lover hears this name, they blush, they get picture of their partner in their mind. Kiss day is very romantic day of Valentine Week. It's 6th Day of Valentine Week and falls on 12th February 2016.

Here is some romantic wishes for your loved one's to send them on Whatsapp, Message.

Honey I Am Very Sick Today,..

Honey I Am Very Sick Today,
Just Because You Didn’t Kiss Me.
Please Dear I Need That Medicine
Before I Die.

It’s A Special Day Today...

It’s A Special Day Today.
Iris The 6th Day Of Valentine Week
National Kiss Day!
Kisses To You

If I Had A Chance...

If I Had A Chance
I Would Kiss Your Lips Every Second,
Every Minute,
Every Hour,
And Every Day And Never Get Tired

Kiss Is The Key Of Love....

Kiss Is The Key Of Love.
Love Is The Key Of Marriage.
Marriage Is The Box Of Children.
Children Are Problem Of Our Nation.
So Stop The Kissing And Save Our Country.

Kiss On Hand=i Adore U,...

Kiss On Hand=i Adore U,
Kiss On Cheek=lets Be Friends,
Kiss On Neck=i Want U,
Kiss On Lips=i Love U,
Kiss Anywhere Else=….
Lets Not Get Carried Away!

What Can Make Me Stop Kissing You,..

What Can Make Me Stop Kissing You,
Wind, Rain, Or Sunshine?
A Day Without A Kiss Makes Me Sick.

A page is yellow...

A page is yellow
in which you will find a fellow
who will kiss you under the pillow.

Love is blind...

Love is blind
Be very kind
When I kiss you
Please don't mind

Whats life ?....

Whats life ?
Life is love.
Whats love ?
Love is kissing.
Whats kissing ?
Come here and I show you.

Kiss is the first step to show...

Kiss is the first step to show
how much i love you,
how much i think about you,
how much i miss u
show that i trust u...

The Secret Message Kiss....

The Secret Message Kiss:
In the middle of a French kiss,
spell out a secret message with the tip of your tongue against their tongue.
It might feel a little funny to the other person,
but at least you'll be getting your message across.

Making love to you in every kiss...

Making love to you in every kiss
I'm with you reading this ,
Looking at your eyes and your lips,
Touching your lips softly with my fingertips.
Making love to you in every kiss.

How To Do Hickey Kiss / Love Bite....

How To Do Hickey Kiss / Love Bite
The Hickey: A hickey technically isn't a kiss;
it's a red mark (a bruise, really) left on the skin after someone sucks hard enough on it.
Hickeys hurt a little to get,
but some people think the sucking feels good,
especially on the side of the neck.
It can be embarrassing to walk around with a hickey,
So before you start sucking, get permission first.

Ur smile iz a biggest asset 2 me..... 

Ur smile iz a biggest asset 2 me
and I want my asset to increase every day
So keep smiling &
keep increasing my asset every day

1 kiss can be a comma....

1 kiss can be a comma
a question mark or an exclamation point
This basic spelling that
every woman ought to know

My luv 4 u grows more with each passing day,....

My luv 4 u grows more with each passing day,
The thought of ur gorgeous face takes my breath away:
Those brown eyes fill my soul with happiness,
Those luscious lips I luv 2 kiss.

Kiss is not like Nokia.Connecting People..

Kiss is not like Nokia.Connecting People
Kiss is not like Nike.Just Do It.
Kiss is not like Pepsi.Ye Dil Maange More
But Kiss is like Pan Parag.Eik Se Mera Kya Hoga

There r Tulips in my garden...

There r Tulips in my garden.
there r Tulips in the park. but
nothing iz more be beautiful. than
aur 2 lips meeting in the dark! 

Love is The name...

Love iz da name,
Kiss is the game
Forget the name
Let’s play the game.

My heart iz made 2 luve you...

My heart iz made 2 luve you
My lips are made 2 kiss you
My eyes r made 2 see u
My hands r made 2 hold u
Every part ov me wants u, maybe
Bcoz I am made just 4 u!

Benefits of Kissing...

Benefits of Kissing;
Changes taste;
Burns Calories;
Lips never go dry;
Relieves Stress;
Makes face muscles strong;

boy: The girl of our neighbors...

boy: The girl of our neighbors
don’t understand English.
Father: How do you know?
Boy: I said to her “Give Me Sweet Kiss”
and she slapped me.

Soon, yes soon, we’ll hav our chance,...

Soon, yes soon, we’ll hav our chance,
To embrace each other in love’s dance.
A dance which I’ll take her hand & show,
The love she’s yet 2 know.

Kiss is the the key of Love,...

Kiss is the the key of Love,
 which open the lock of Love,
Some Love One some Love Two,
but I love one, that is you. 

Kiss is Heat, But its very sweet,...

Kiss is Heat, But its very sweet,
When Two Leapt meet. Love is Complete. 

Luv iz blind...

Luv iz blind
B very kind
Whn I kiss u
Please don’t mind

Whats life ?..

Whats life ?
Life iz luv.
Whats luv ?
Luv iz kissing.
Whts kissing ?
Com here nd I show u.

Kiss me nd u ll see stars ….

Kiss me nd u ll see stars ….
Luv me nd I ll give them 2 u.

if kisses were rain id send U showers,...

if kisses were rain id send U showers,
if fun was time id send u hrs,
if u needed a friend id send u me!
*Happy Birthday To U Sweetheart*

People say....

People say
A blessed KISS is on HEAD
A sweet KISS is on CHEEKS
A passionate KISS is on LIPS
A romantic KISS is on NECK
But seriously
Try it:p

A peach is a peach....

A peach is a peach.
A plum is a plum.
A kiss is not a kiss
unless its with tongues…

Kiss is fly from lips,...

Kiss is fly from lips,
Lips is wet also kiss,
Dont miss a kiss
it is a valve of this, 

What is a kiss?...

What is a kiss?
In view of
"kiss is the shortest distence between 2 lips!..
"kiss is that thing 4 which DEMAND is always higher than SUPPLY!....
"kiss is the process of caharging a human body!..
"like a LAN, in which 2 bodies r conected without any DATA CABLE!...

Nice Kiss is on Head...

Nice Kiss is on Head.
Sweet Kiss iz on Cheeks.
Passionate Kiss iz on Lips.
Romantic Kiss iz on Neck
Seriously Hottest Kiss iz on “IRON”

Kiss iz a key of luv...

Kiss iz a key of luv
love iz lock of marriage
marriage iz a box ov children
children iz a problem of world.
Please stop kissing
save da world.

I wan"t to kiss ur lips...

I wan"t to kiss ur lips
I wan"t to play with ur teeth
I want to teaste ur tounge
Hey ! don"t get angry fren
I m toothpaste.........
Happy valentine dear

C= cant live without u...

C= cant live without u
L= love u
I= i miss u
C= care about u
K= kiss from my heart 2 u
So whenever u miss me just say CLICK. 

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